I’m Building Castles in the Sky

So…I’m back.

I’ve missed you since you’ve been gone. A lot has happened. A lot has changed. I’ve spent 3 days working through my archive, editing, cleaning some entries up. I’ve republished the important parts of my backstory. They reminded me why I’m back here; it’s time to heal.

This diary will feature *TRIGGER WARNINGS* where I feel they are required. They’ll be at the top of any entry that I feel needs one.  Cursing and swearing will also be used, this is MY diary, and I write as I speak. I have no mercy, take no prisoners and sugar no pills. Previous Entries don’t have TW.

For those who want a re-introduction;

I am Princess Pitbull, I look nice enough but I’ll tear your face off if you’re a shitcunt.

I joined OD when I was 13 one afternoon when I was sat, bored, in Graphic Design. I’m now 31. I’ve had several aliases and diaries on here but have held this one since 2006.

When OD folded a few years ago, I’d not long had a baby. I’ve since had another. Bub is now 5., his little sister Pidge is 2. We’ll cover how I wound up pregnant at a later date. I’m still a single mum, and I don’t honestly see that changing.

I’ve finally settled in to my sexuality and accepted it once and for all, I’m very definitely gay, and I’ve kind of been locked back up in the closet, we’ll cover that at a later date too.

Before the original OD went down, I worked for Wal*Mart, and I fucking hated it, after Pidge was born, I left and got a job in Home Care and Support Work. I did that for a couple of years, now I’m an Nursing Assistant at my local hospital, and doing my training to become a Nurse.

Now to some sad news, for those of you who remember my darling girls; Moo and Mae. Mae went to Rainbow Bridge last year on Mother’s Day and this year in July, Moo joined her. I was devstated. We now have two cats; we’ll call them Dum and Dee.

I also have OCD, I like things in pairs, fives or multiples of five. Angles are a constant strain on my attention, energy and happiness. You’ll notice this more and more. Life is a puzzle and things have to “fit”.

Chapter 5 of my diary is where we pick up from. “Time to Heal”. It will focus largely on the shit that’s happened in the past decade and will act like a therapy session. Expect lots of TW. It will not be a happy chapter. I will no doubt write other entries that will be public but not within that chapter.

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December 29, 2017

Happy to know you ! Welcome back.

I’m a nurse, so… Colleagues 😉

December 29, 2017

Welcome back !

December 30, 2017

Bring on the therapy! [and thanks for the add]

December 31, 2017

Read an entry on front page, back pedaled to this entry, makes sense now. OD does have the capacity for catharsis. So do pitbulls.

December 31, 2017

Welcome to the inside of my head. I am proof that you can indeed teach an old dog some new tricks. 👍🏽