How Do You Love Again

How do learn to love again? After you married someone who didn’t know how to love you. How do trust again? After you rekindle a fire with a man who lays you down and tells you he wants a life with you, but then he goes home to a family that you thought he’d separated from. I’ve spent many years pouring my heart out and begging a man to love me. I washed his clothes, made him dinner, helped him succeed in his career, and for what in return? A cold shoulder, no kissing, no touching, and most importantly no appreciation.

So about the guy that I rekindled a fire with… he’s a major part of the pain I’ve felt lately. After going on a couple dates and having sex, I decided something wasn’t right. Reaching out to his baby momma ended up telling me everything I needed to know. But finding out he was still with her isn’t the worst part, finding out I was expecting his child was. He denied everything and then after I visited the doctor and took matters in my own hand, he hit me with a “my bad”. But I was able to close that chapter of my life.

Now it’s time to heal…

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August 4, 2022