He can make a phone call when he wants something.

So, this 1 message was received by my soon to be ex-husband; he called all by himself like big boy and scheduled an appointment for us to see a marriage therapist. I received the message too, I appreciated being included in that message, my ex seemed to forget to include me sometimes. I will call the therapist “Mr. West”; this is not his name. He would be the final therapist we would see together.  I made a promise to myself that I would overturn every stone trying to preserve this marriage because I promised forever. I am accountable to my word; even my kids know this.

This one day my teen stepdaughter was laying on the floor playing airplane with my baby girl. Her dad looked at our baby and said, “Baby girl if you throw up on your sister right now, I will buy you a power wheel.” I said, “baby girl if you throw up on your sister right now, I will buy you 2 power wheels!” My stepdaughter looked at her sister and said” you should believe her she will do that.”

I was paid back for this later; I was lying in bed playing airplane with my baby and she threw up in my mouth. That’s what I get for messing around and being a smartass. I need to keep my mouth shut.

Anyway, I show up for therapy and Mr. West walks us to his office. Really? Emotional Flooding, we are way outside her window of affect tolerance right now. Lol God is always messing with me; I am surrounded by the spirit of my iron lobster today. I had no problems talking to Mr. West and my husband that day, seems my window has grown.  Radical Acceptance! Mr. West asked what the problem was, and, in this moment, I knew I would not return to marriage therapy. My husband said, “I don’t know, I think maybe we have a communication problem.” WOW!  I said “I don’t have a communication problem; I communicate just fine. You have an “I don’t respect women problem” I told you “I will never be happy with you coming home from a bar at 2am and you came home from the bar at 2am.” You stated, I don’t respect you as my wife” Right back to square 1. I did all the work though.

Deep down I knew I didn’t have any more time to give here, my time is valuable and once it’s gone you don’t get it back. I don’t have time for you anymore.

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