Rainy Days

I am enjoying this rainy evening watching Madelyn play with her puzzles. We would have been dancing in the rain if it wasn’t for the lightning and thunder. She is SUPER CUTE when she is thinking hard trying to solve this puzzle.  Growing up here in Northeast Ohio there is this part of me that always enjoys having the fresh air coming in the open doors and windows; but another part of me that wants to go on lock down and turn on the A/C. Just so you know the A/C is going to win this season! It’s SUPER HOT! 😂

I have for real gone MAD! Did I just do that? I shocked myself; I may tell you someday if you remember to ask me but not today. Epic weekend fail! Emotion trumped my logic when hanging my Edison lights on the patio; I used command strips. I failed to take in account the sweltering heat loosening the adhesive with the weight of the lights pulling on them. Lesson learned we will try again tomorrow.

The YMCA is pushing my buttons now. I showed up Friday for HIIT Training Class @ 5:30pm; Canceled! I showed up at 8am this morning for Cardio; Canceled! WTF!! I pay you to show up for me! Grrrr I did come home today and did kickboxing in my garage, but I was mad about it. I asked my girlfriend to get her man over here today and he swapped my bicycle tires back so I can hit the towpath soon. I refused to ask the ex to do it, I will pay the bike shop first.  I ordered a bike rack for the car and an air pump. Maybe next weekend I can ride to Szalays.

Sacrificed my hammock for child safety and space saving purposes, I bought a patio lounge chair instead. I laid out there watching Madelyn turn her water table into a pool. I ordered her a pool too. We broke out the bubbles and chalk. My bank account is mad at me this weekend. I should not be left unsupervised in the Home Depot garden section. My flowers are BLOOMING beautifully and my patio looks amazing. Hopefully tomorrow we can make it to the swing set; we started there today when the thunder rolled in and we turned around. That was a good choice!

I think tomorrow we are going to watch church services online and have lots of snuggles. I will be back to Church next Sunday when Madelyn is with her dad. Oh and my boss thought my self-imposed action plan was Fantastic! How did I get 11 friends in here? Thanks friends for caring about what is going on in my crazy busy life.


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May 21, 2022

Weekend Tragedy, my French Press is broken! No Coffee? We are about to MacGyver a pour over system!  There will be Coffee!