Perfect (simple) Day

I had the most perfect day. Let me tell you about it. I woke up from 7 hours of sleep. I went to the 99 cent store and bought snacks for the crew tomorrow for my music video. Then I got a Starbucks latte. Then, I went to McDonald’s and got an McGriddle value meal with a coffee.
When I got home, I practically inhaled my meal. I called my best friends to say good morning (mom & dad). Then the maid who was supposed to come had to reschedule, which was perfect because I didn’t feel like cleaning today with her. So, I went to the gym instead and I worked out for almost an entire hour. I took a shower and got the best hour long massage afterwards. Then I drove home, took another hot bath and headed out again to the nail salon. And afterwards, I bought sushi to take home. It was the perfect day.
The only complaint I have is tipping. I felt guilty for not tipping my masseuse and for only giving an $8 tip for my nail service. The nail salon owner actually looked disappointed in the amount of my tip and walked away disgusted from the counter afterwards without saying bye. I know I’m sensitive to say this, but it hurt my feelings. I called my mom and she said don’t feel bad if that’s all you can afford.
Some Americans feel like you shouldn’t get any service if you cannot tip. I feel like it’s too much pressure nowadays to tip. Shervin works as a server at a restaurant and bowling alley. He always tells me how much certain celebrities tip.
He always remembers which celebs tip poorly and which celebs are generous. He’s the very reason why I plan to always tip in the future when I get the financial means to. Shervin always tips. If there is an option to tip; he will always give 20 percent.
But besides my guilt for being a cheap ass, today was awesome! I feel great. I’m in bed for a bit before I before to pack for tomorrow’s music video.
When I got my sushi and was walking to my car, I looked up at the sky with the biggest smile and said thank you aloud. There was a guy I didn’t initially notice in his car that looked at me with bewilderment. I didn’t care; I felt blessed!

“Thank you Jesus! I pray the night ends with me not forgetting anything behind when I pack for tomorrow’s trip. Please let the music video be a success tomorrow. Please keep away all bad energy; and allow the extra help of Angels to be by my side. Also I pray for sweet sleep…eight hours preferably. Amen.”

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