Your thoughts?

I think I am a good writer. When it comes to putting the thoughts in my head onto paper, I got this! I don’t know how to turn ‘this’ into something though, something meaningful, useful or lucrative even. Why do I want to make something of ‘this’ skill? I literally sound like a mad person, as if I’m the next Anne Frank, in the most politically correct way of saying that. I have no one with any qualifications to give me any feedback, just Singh and we all know that he’s not biased. Poor thing would probably say anything nice to stop me from spiralling into a hissy fit. Even if I did write something online, I don’t know how to publish it or get traction. Okay, the publishing part is easy, I just create a website that no one will visit. I can’t think of a website name, how I’ll keep it anonymous and how I’ll regularly update it. I really want to figure this out but it seems so fuzzy. No one wants to listen to my ramblings, do I want to listen to theirs? Well maybe if it helped me connect to something real, find a friend maybe, find that I’m not crazy after all. Is there anything here worth reading? No idea!

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