3rd day mistake… Good or Bad? You tell me!

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So last night I was thinking to myself and about how many attempts were made to quit cigarette throughout the years and I have came up with this idea of gifting myself the accomplishment of quitting cigarettes ! And so , the idea came about again this time around. Here is my logic to this….

My birthday is Nov, 11th. On Nov, 1st I will be attending the Dallas Mavericks vs. LA Lakers and that is THIS FRIDAY, two days from now!

Now that you have this time frame, I will just say it … I broke down and bought a pack of cigarettes… ): ugh … UGHHHH! but I feel like I am much more head strong now rather than before.. so that’s a good thing that will help me when I ACTUALLY quit. I am sorry to the readers for cutting back on my word but I promise this is the one and only time it will ever happen!

So, this is the math in my head, I bought the pack of cigarettes this morning , smoked 1. cool. tomorrow if I am feeling the urge limit myself to 1, TWO MAX! and then Friday would be free game given that I will be hanging out with my best friend almost all day, will be drinking and enjoying my day off as well as attending the Dallas Mavericks vs. LA Lakers Basket ball Game. So you can imagine my last pack will be done, almost done, or at least half finished by the end of the day Friday.

Friday If the pack is not finished I will only have the weekend to finish, after Sunday whatever is left in the pack I will give away. And so that will leave me with exactly 7 days from my birthday (Nov. 11th) to have a Clean No Nicotine week to start my Kill Switch. please tell me this is a good idea (I know its not)

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October 30, 2019

I’m in a similar boat with quitting. You have to do things at your own pace. If this works for you, great!

Good luck to you. 🙂


October 30, 2019

@thelastdonut thank you so much! at least your understanding… I will keep updated daily and hopefully see your posts to comment on, Have a good day! (: thanks again

October 31, 2019

You have to be in the right headspace to quit so if you think that it will be better this way then that’s what you should do. You can do it!

October 31, 2019

@cherrywine_1 seeing your specific notification gave me anxiety now knowing how you would respond either scolding me or however, I just wasn’t expecting such a forgiving answer , thank you cherrywine I will make you proud after this weekend ! hehe

October 31, 2019

@i-c 😊