You are still my favorite.

I have seen many therapist over the past few years. Did you know you can fall in love with your therapist? I must’ve been absent the day they taught that in college. I had to learn that one on my own. That’s what happens when you are not paying attention. Shit just happens. Don’t avoid it, don’t be shameful; it will hinder your growth. Is that what that is supposed to feel like? He kept telling me I was wrong. I don’t think I was wrong. Challenge me again! I’m bored!

I saw this therapist one time; only one time. There is nothing wrong with her it was just bad timing. We agreed though that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. People can change if they choose to change. In order to change you have to acknowledge your role in the problem. I’ll own it! 

What the past tells me is that people miss me when I’m gone. They don’t like to let me go. To know me is to love me. Lol You have to have a sense of humor though. 

I just bought a new townhouse. We have a swimming pool and a swingset. My baby girl is a little spoiled and has all of the toys. There is a golf course right across the street. Do you like to play golf? You can do anything you want, have a good time. Do you want us to make you lunch? Anything you want. Lol I have a Handles ice cream right down the street and around the corner. Chocolate is my favorite but every now and then I enjoy strawberry. Don’t come at me with anything vanilla, I do not do anything vanilla. Which is why I am getting divorced. I know better, I pay attention when people talk to me. 

The pastor at church today was telling us he met his wife right there in this church. God please send some men my direction, you know where I will be and you know what I like.  I don’t lie about it. This time, can I fall for one that is completely available both emotionally and legally? That would be great. I know what to look for now. I am bored. 7 months is a long time and we still have time to wait.  She is gonna start getting real mad soon. Lol

I am look looking for a new hairstylist too. I have not been able to find one of those I really love either. Maybe someday! I’m gonna put that on my list talk to God about it.


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