Dear Ex-best friend

When you give it your all to help someone special in your life, who means the world to you, avoid someone toxic being in their life just to realize that…they themself were being toxic in yours. When you love someone you would do anything to enjoy time with that person. You would even excuse any signs that indicate that you are changing. Things that you have vowed and promised God to never do, you begin making exceptions for. Battles that you have fought many times and defeated, now have been surrendered to. The heart that you gave God has been renamed with theirs. You forget who you are. Loving someone soo much can turn into too much which becomes toxic to your well being. Toxic doesn’t always mean putting you through hell, or mistreatment, or physical/mental abuse. It can mean causing you to be so happy and feel so blessed that you create this mindset of forever and more, when in fact all along you were just in over your head. Toxic can mean falling in love with that person who was never meant to be more than a friend. One person can develop so much power over you, and not even know it. And by not feeling the same towards you…it can break you. So you see…you yourself can take someone in your life, who did nothing wrong and everything right, keep you happy, someone who has saved you..and make them toxic to yourself because all along you’ve been mentally and emotionally unstable and are unable to control your feelings. So, dear ex-best friend…I’m sorry 😶

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November 5, 2021

Get out of my head… LOL.

Not to make light of what you wrote here, but I completely understand what you are saying. Not only about my ex-wife, but my two “best” friends and my own sister. All of them at one time or another I sat with, drying tears and then helped them build back. They all just turned from me when I “broke” only to learn I have Borderline Personality Disorder and have for years, yet to them it’s all an excuse.

I wish nothing but the best for you and know that you are not alone in your feelings.

November 6, 2021