A Lazy Mornins

Good morning. One of those mornings where my mind is wandering a bit. As I tabbed past the date, I noticed that today is cousin Vicki’s birthday. Haven’t spoken to her in a year, lol, but her birthday sticks in my head. How random
It’s been busy but calm here for the most part. Working a lot, but physically it’s not demanding. I just have to make sure I get my beauty sleep some days so it doesn’t overwhelm me between the two jobs. If all goes well, I think I should be able to slow down a bit by February..
Brian is doing well in school, Bradley is still working and (hopefully) going to start college after the holidays. Other than being irresponsible with his money and spending it all before he pays his bills, he’s doing well also. We had a discussion about his spending before paying his bills last night, so we will see. He ran out before he even got his first paycheck and financed a vehicle, and now he’s not making his payment on time. He informed me that I would have to cover his bills for him this month, he is short on cash. I had to tell him no. If I don’t make him responsible for his own debts, he’ll keep spending willy-nilly and expecting that I will take care of the excess, so he’s officially a pauper until payday. But he did buy the neatest remote control helicopter, so he has something to occupy his time until then, lol.
Kids, can’t drown them in the toilet, so you have to teach them….wait, he’s twenty. Not even a kid anymore!
Before I go, I have to tell a funny tale for a moment. I started seeing a very nice woman a month or so ago, and things are going well except in one area. She has a horrible sense of style to me.
She came over to clean house and surprise me one day, which was great. However, I walked in and there was a four foot bunny rabbit in my living room. Did you know that they make covers called “cozies” for your vacuum cleaner? Neither did I. So, there is this floppy eared bunny, in a calico dress and apron in the corner. She thought it would look cute. I told her thank you, but it’s just horrendous looking. It is hiding in the hall closet where I keep the vacuum, waiting to frighten unwary closet snoopers.
She also bought me a shirt, which was sweet, until you look at it. The caption reads, “What happens under the mistletoe stays under the mistletoe”. The background is comprised of the silhouettes of reindeer mating. I told her again, “Thank you”, but there is no way I will wear something like that. So completely opposite of anything I would put on in public. I’m a parent, a grandparent, and a deacon. I don’t think it would be appropriate. Yes, I know that sounded stuffy, but sometimes appearance does matter, to me at least. If it’s something that I think is too tacky for my kids or grandkids to be seen in, I certainly won’t wear it. And to be fair, I did let the zebra stripe throw stay on my sofa, along with the leopard print pillows. And no, it doesn’t match the burgundy sofa, but I can’t toss out all the nice things she does, even if it might hurt my eyes a bit, lol. As I say, our sense of styles clash in places, but she is so far and incredibly nice lady.
She went out of town to see her daughter and is due back today, so I made a huge batch of Cajun seafood gumbo for her return today. If you’ve never eaten Cajun food (food indigent to the Louisiana area with French and creole origins) stop by this evening. I made way too much, but it’s good. Mom was a Cajun, and she taught me well.
I can’t say that it’s love yet, I move VERY slowly in that area, but I do like her a lot, and it’s nice that we enjoy each others company.
Brian was just looking over my shoulder and said that the explanation of what Cajun food is was condescending, but that was for my foreign friends who may not be in the know about it, so apologies if it did sound overbearing. By the way, if Texas, it’s usually pronounced “forn”, not foreign. We add and delete for pronunciation down here. If we ever meet in person, you may be appalled at my speech patterns, lol. I sound much more intelligent in print. I hope.

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December 3, 2013

I’ve never tried Cajun food but a seafood gumbo sounds wonderful!

December 3, 2013

I read all about Cajun food in the James Lee-Burke books!

December 3, 2013

Talk about speech patterns, I’m from New York not from the city but still.

December 5, 2013

I’m afraid they’re still ‘kids’ into their 30’s now….